What could you achieve with a targeted audience of hundreds of millions? That’s the opportunity that’s presented to advertisers when they choose to advertise with Amazon ads, one of the biggest online retailers in the world. But, with so many moving parts and so much data to track, it can be hard to know where to start. Take the guesswork out of it with this Amazon ads strategy guide. You’ll learn how you can create targeted ads that speak directly to your ideal customers using four proven steps. First, you’ll learn why choosing the right product images and copy is so important for conversions. In a previous post, we gave an overview of Amazon's Search Ads platform—the self-serve ad platform that allows advertisers to bid on search terms relevant to their products. In this post, we're going to focus on tips and strategies for Search Ads, including how you can create a successful campaign that drives traffic and increases revenue. First things first: You need to optimize your product pages—and your product title in particular—for keywords in order to drive sales with Search Ads. So let's dive right into it. Here are our top tips for optimizing your ads in Amazon’s platform. Are you using Sponsored Product ads on Amazon? Are you getting confused by them? Read on to learn how you can use these ads to your advantage! Use keywords that are related to your product so people who are looking for those products will see it. How do I know which keywords are relevant?: You can start off by searching Google or Bing with your product name + keyword. If someone is searching with a keyword, chances are they want to find products like yours. To do well in sponsored product ads, use high-quality images that show potential customers exactly what your product looks like and explain why they should buy it. Sell features not benefits: No one wants to know what a feature does. Product Display ads (PDA) are a form of Amazon advertising and consist of a headline, image and description. These ads run on Amazon's product detail pages to help you advertise your products directly to customers. Product Display ads can increase clicks to your website, boost your brand awareness and increase conversions from potential buyers. To get started with PDA’s head over to Seller Central and click Create an ad. From there you can choose PDA or other ad types such as Sponsored Products or Headline Search ads. When you first launch a campaign, we'll ask you to provide us with some specific information about your business and your target customer. If we're not able to automatically set up your campaign, we'll guide you through creating all of the necessary settings so that we can start building your first ad set. For more information on creating an Amazon advertising campaign, see our How do I create an ad? FAQ. And if you need help throughout any of these steps, don't hesitate to reach out via email or phone—we're here to help!